Group Newhouse has consulting expertise across a wide range of industries. Each key vertical requires specialized insights which enables us to help you to reach your growth goals.  

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Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry faces a unique environment with governmental budget fluctuations, industry consolidation, and constant regulatory evolution. Within this sector, we help to build communication and marketing strategies to develop new customers and retain the current ones that are already in place. That requires messaging strategy, marketing infrastructure, and unique targeting processes.

Financial Services

We work with banking, insurance, fintech, and other financial institutions as they continue to adapt to changing regulations and customer demands.  We work collaboratively with your team to define customer needs and build actionable go-to-market strategies and disciplined execution.

Health Care

Changing regulations, customer requirements, and competitors create complexity across the span of revenue strategies to patient and caregiver experiences. We work collaboratively with your team to deliver sustainable, scalable, and repeatable growth at a single site or across a wide geographic network.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We help companies that manufacture and distribute overcome constraints in growth and define new potential markets.  We work with you to combine best practices and market analytics with your internal insights to develop strategies, structure, and capabilities to reach your goals.

Nonprofit & Social Sector

Our work within the nonprofit and social sectors takes into account the unique situations facing these organizations, but also integrates best practices and approaches from the private sector.  We help to strengthen organizations and provide them with the necessary capabilities to become more innovative and effective. The result are strategies and implementation plans that accelerate the ability to advance social good and transform communities.

Private Equity

We work with private equity firms across the investment life cycle from due diligence and strategic planning to growth strategy and value creation. As part of our support, we work collaboratively with the portfolio management and the private equity team to offer subject matter expertise as well as interim management support during times of transition. The result enables the company and the sponsor to make better decisions and accelerate the portfolio revenue performance.

Professional Services

We work with professional service firms, consultancies, staffing firms, education providers, and other B2B service providers. These companies have unique challenges in developing offerings, building targeting strategies, and implementing go-to-market approaches. Our experience allows us to build pragmatic recommendations to drive demand, conversion, wallet share, retention, and recurring revenue.

Technology & Innovation

Companies that are built upon innovation require agility and the ability to sustain success in an ever-changing market. Within these industries, growth often is built through acquisitions and ensuring effective integration is essential to reaching scalability.  We work with your team to identify key areas of opportunity and build go-to-market strategies that enable you to reach both short- and long-term growth requirements.

Case Studies

$200M+ Financial Services Consulting Firm

$500M+ Global Staffing and Business Process Outsourcing Firm

$300M+ Health Care Firm with 300+ Locations

$500M+ Manufacturing Firm

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